FLUX Update!

I don't make use of my website anywhere near enough, relying more on social media. This is something I intend to change, especially with social media not working for me as well as it once did. For example, Twitter was a platform that let me make great headway in building an audience, but since the Musk takeover, things are not what they once were. I post of lot of my news and updates as blogs on Patreon, but these are only seen by those that subscribe. So I'm going to start sharing more news and updates here, as well as blogs and general writings.

In the past few months I've been working solidly on getting the next issue of FLUX over the line, and I'm pleased to say I am getting close the completing the artwork for Chapter Seven.
After chapters five and six ended up being extra long issues, I had planned on seven being more of standard coming length of a around 22-24 pages. But after several revision, rethinks and rewrites, seven is also turning into an extra long issue, looking to be around 35 pages, having just finished the art for page 26. Although, at this point, the page count can be very fluid as things change when I take my initial script/plan and realise things don't fit to the page as I thought they would.

In other news, 2023 so far hasn't included as many events as last year. I booked tables at a number of comic-cons and other events over 2022, but this year I've decided to do fewer, opting to focus on making the comics and booking tables at the cons that proved to be most successful last year. I am looking to do a number over the Autumn months and just waiting on confirmation of details, so watch this space for updates on that.

I'll leave you with a preview of a couple of unlettered pages from the forthcoming FLUX: Chapter Seven that I have just completed.