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Finding my feet.

Flux has ended up on the back burner, albeit unintentionally. I've found the rhythm I'd hit slowly losing momentum to the point where I was working on it because I felt obligated to, rather than because I wanted to. This led to things being rushed, focusing purely on getting it finished rather than enjoying the process. I decided to step back from it and not touch it until I actually wanted to, rather than feeling I had to. So far I've not felt the desire to do so. I will eventually, but for now other pastimes have taken my focus. As always, I'm constantly looking for ways to take something I enjoy and turn it into a living, or at least make some extra money on the side of the day job. Although I'd always intended to do some standalone pieces of artwork, I'd never really thought to what end. I few weeks ago I attended the Yorkshire Cosplay Con with my partner Gen, where we proceeded to purchase a fair collection of artwork from the many artist stalls. Adding t