Trek is just better, right?

I've professed on many an occasion how much I love Science Fiction, and that that love began and is rooted in Star Wars. From those roots came a love of all manner of Sci Fi, including Star Trek, albeit some years later. The Next Generation was my era of Star Trek, and even then I only fell in love with it when its final season had already aired. Deep Space Nine became my firm favourite of the series, and Voyager was also enjoyable, if not quite as well executed as the others. I also grew an affinity for the Original Series, mainly via the movies, although I had binged watched the series on more than one occasion. So, from all that came an inner debate that I have toyed with for many years. As an obsessive fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek, did I believe one was better than the other? I would often go through swings of favouring one over the other, but I likened it to a parent of two having to pick which is their favourite child. I've been a Star Wars fan longer, but duratio

FLUX: Chapter Seven - On Sale Friday 1st of September.


I'll be at this year's MCM London

I'm excited to announce that I will have a table at this years MCM London Comic Con. October 27th to 29th. I look forward to meeting so many lovers of comics and all things geeky and nerdy!  

FLUX Update!

I don't make use of my website anywhere near enough, relying more on social media. This is something I intend to change, especially with social media not working for me as well as it once did. For example, Twitter was a platform that let me make great headway in building an audience, but since the Musk takeover, things are not what they once were. I post of lot of my news and updates as blogs on Patreon, but these are only seen by those that subscribe. So I'm going to start sharing more news and updates here, as well as blogs and general writings. In the past few months I've been working solidly on getting the next issue of FLUX over the line, and I'm pleased to say I am getting close the completing the artwork for Chapter Seven. After chapters five and six ended up being extra long issues, I had planned on seven being more of standard coming length of a around 22-24 pages. But after several revision, rethinks and rewrites, seven is also turning into an extra long issue

The Perplexing Binary of Quality

The world is full of discourse, and nowhere is that more clear than Social Media. This past year my love hate relationship with Twitter has developed somewhat, since finding it was the place to get the best engagement. Not to mention the awesome comics community I have the pleasure of saying I am now a part of. Twitter has been responsible for a considerable growth in my following, performing much better than Facebook and Instagram. The trouble is, the good, of course, comes with the bad, and for every fifty positive experiences I have there is that one negative that somehow manages to stand out against the sea of good. And what makes it so frustrating, is that so much of the discourse is about things that aren't all that important. I find myself wanting to write about a phenomena I have recently noticed, that is a side effect of social media. For the purposes of this I've called it the Binary of Quality. The media we love, be it movies, television, books, video games, etc, all

FLUX: Volume One - OUT NOW!

FLUX: Volume One is now on sale. This graphic novel collects FLUX issues #1 to #5 Physical: Kindle: 500 years from now, Earth is abandoned, no longer habitable; the truth of the planet’s demise, a secret hidden for centuries. Humanity now lives in orbit of the planet and has spread into the solar system Two people from different times find their lives thrust into chaos. One, taken and thrown into a world of violence, fighting for her very survival. The other, a prisoner of his own attempt to cheat death.  

Let's talk about Star Wars

 I fu.. freakin' love Star Wars. It is what started my love of both Sci-Fi and Fantasy, being both genres in one. Thanks to my older brother I came into a household where Star Wars was already ever present, leading to my claims that I have been a fan since birth. I recently celebrated my 39th birthday with a small gathering of friends. At which I played a game of the X-Wing Miniatures Game   with my good friend Chris. I've had a collection of the models for some years and have played the odd game here and there but never had much opportunity to play regularly. Chris had never played and was eager to. So we dug out my collection and played a quick game, making a complete hash of rules but having a great time in the process. This one game threw fuel on my Star Wars fire and I have been doing nothing but consuming Star Wars content since, whilst also updating my X-Wing game collection to the current Second Edition and learning all the new rules. (I even watched some of the World C