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The Perplexing Binary of Quality

The world is full of discourse, and nowhere is that more clear than Social Media. This past year my love hate relationship with Twitter has developed somewhat, since finding it was the place to get the best engagement. Not to mention the awesome comics community I have the pleasure of saying I am now a part of. Twitter has been responsible for a considerable growth in my following, performing much better than Facebook and Instagram. The trouble is, the good, of course, comes with the bad, and for every fifty positive experiences I have there is that one negative that somehow manages to stand out against the sea of good. And what makes it so frustrating, is that so much of the discourse is about things that aren't all that important. I find myself wanting to write about a phenomena I have recently noticed, that is a side effect of social media. For the purposes of this I've called it the Binary of Quality. The media we love, be it movies, television, books, video games, etc, all