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Reflections on 2021

It seems somewhat cliché to open with a comment on how seemingly quick this past year has passed, but it is an accurate statement. That being said, I don't think this is anything to do with 2021 in particular, lately the years just seem to pass by at a rate of knots, I simply think that it has been more notable this year. I could go on about what a shit-show 2021 has been, but that has been done to death by so many others. So I'm going to look back and reflect on the positives of the last year. Comic Book I self published a comic! Okay, technically that started late 2020 with the publication of FLUX: Chapter One, but 2021 saw the publication of the subsequent three chapters and 2022 will see the continuation. I made my first convention appearances, taking tables at Unleashed Events Sheffield and Chesterfield Comic-Cons, where I tried my best to interact with other humans and promote the comic to a wider audience, face to face. With varying degrees of success! Again, 2022 will h