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The Joys of Vinyl.

While I work on my comics and other illustration work, I like to have something playing. Usually movies or bingeable TV of some kind. Always something I've seen a million times before that doesn't require my full focus and can just be there. However, if I really need to focus and get my head down, I tend to go with music rather than visual media. Now as I start to write this I realise I'm working towards an irony and a potential contradiction in the point of what I'm saying. As I'm implying that while I work I want to go with something that can just be background noise, something I can ignore. Whilst I guess that is true, it's also what has prompted me to write about this. Usually, I'll simply fire up Spotify and start my one playlist of 100s of my favourite tracks on shuffle, and just let it go. These past few days however, I remembered my hi-fi equipment, sitting in its corner looking at me wondering why I have forsaken it. Okay, I joke, I actually use my