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Trek is just better, right?

I've professed on many an occasion how much I love Science Fiction, and that that love began and is rooted in Star Wars. From those roots came a love of all manner of Sci Fi, including Star Trek, albeit some years later. The Next Generation was my era of Star Trek, and even then I only fell in love with it when its final season had already aired. Deep Space Nine became my firm favourite of the series, and Voyager was also enjoyable, if not quite as well executed as the others. I also grew an affinity for the Original Series, mainly via the movies, although I had binged watched the series on more than one occasion. So, from all that came an inner debate that I have toyed with for many years. As an obsessive fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek, did I believe one was better than the other? I would often go through swings of favouring one over the other, but I likened it to a parent of two having to pick which is their favourite child. I've been a Star Wars fan longer, but duratio