FLUX is an epic science fiction comic book series. Available in the store and from Amazon Kindle and Globalcomix.

For fans of The Expanse, Blade Runner, Game of Thrones, Mass Effect and Saga, among others.

500 years from now, Earth is abandoned, no longer habitable. Humanity now lives in orbit of the planet and has spread into the solar system. New cultures and societies shape humanity's future: from the outwardly benevolent United Nations Council to the genetically engineered Tel. All with powerful figures serving their own self interests.

Two people from different times find their lives thrust into chaos. Set on a course to discover a secret behind Earth's demise that has been hidden for centuries, and uncover the machinations of powerful and dangerous people. A truth, that once uncovered, will change humanity's past, present and future.

FLUX - Chapters 1 - 8 are on sale now
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