Welcome to my site. I am writer, illustrator, musician and gamer based in Sheffield, UK.

For as long as I can remember two things have been constant in my life; a need to be creative and a passion for Sci-Fi & Fantasy.

For over half my life my main creative output has been music, playing in mutiple bands since the age of 17.

As time has gone on the music career has died down and is now more of a hobby, my time now spent indulging in my other creative pursuits as well as my geekier hobbies; board gaming, D&D and Magic: The Gathering.

In early 2018 I bought myself a graphics tablet and started practicing with digital art, this led me to start work on a Graphic Novel which has now taken the name Flux. It's a piece of Science Fiction that I first started writing as a novel many years ago but it fell by the wayside as I found my skills as a creative writer were lacking. However writing in script format came naturally to me and the story I had in my head leant itself better to a graphic novel. So after many years of procrastination I am finally working on getting the story out of my head and onto the page.


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